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GNATUS Inova New LSF Pad


Syncrus GL Dental Chair
Syncrus LSF Pad Delivery Unit
Syncrus PE 2T Water Unit
LED Plus Dental Light 3 LEDs

Available Colors

1-Dark Green
3-Navy Blue
8-Off White
9-Metallic Red
10-Metallic Green
11-Metallic Navy Blue
12-Metallic Sky Blue
13-Metallic Pink
14-Metallic Copper

Dental Chair

Syncrus GL Dental Chair

Bold design with rounded lines

Curved and involving backrest
Constructed in steel without salience at the back side

Central articulation in massive steel

Built in massive steel with anticorrosive treatment, coated in polyestherene high impact

With ergonomic design, built in steel with anticorrosive treatment, totally protected by antiskidding edges

Seat height in relation to the floor
450mm minimum
900mm maximum

Ample upholstery
With saliented lumbar support, mounted on the rigid structure recovered by injected polyurethane of high resistance recovered with laminated material and seamless

Elevation System
Electromechanical activatated through the moto-reducer BOSCH of low tension with 24 volts

2 fixed GLX arms

Through the multifunctional ergonomic foot control fixed at the base

Activation through foot control
1 Ascension and descending of the seat
2 Ascension and descending of the backrest
3 Automatic return to zero position
4 - Spit position and return for the last position
5- Two work positions programmable (P1 and P2) with memory of Dental Light status
6- Activation of dental light with adjustment of intensity
7- Interruption of the Dental Chair movements with light indication

Electronic system
Integrated and of low voltage (24 volts)

Feeding tension
127 or 220V~50/60Hz


Bi-articulable, removable, anatomic, with movements antero-postero, longitudinal and height.

Delivery Unit

Syncrus LSF Pad Delivery Unit

1 3-way syringe
2 High speed terminals
1 Micromotor terminal

Central Control Panel with the following activation:
Raising of the seat of the dental chair;
Lowering of the Seat of the dental chair;
Raising of the backrest of the dental chair;
Emergency stop of the dental chair with luminous indication;
Switching on the dental light
X-ray viewer;
Bowl water (programmable);
Cup filler water (programmable);
Rinsing position and return for the last position;

Bio System
System with anti-reflow valves and translucent reservoir for bactericide solution.

Swivel arms with pneumatic locking
Activated by a button located underneath the delivery units body

3-way syringe
Built-in. Swivel tip, removable and autoclavable.


Flat, rounded, lights and flexibe, without grooves or strias.

Support for the Handpieces
With individual pneumatic activation

Removable stainless steel tray

Connection Box Compact built in ABS with rounded edges

Very light grey color, with anti-corrosive treatment.

Body of the Delivery Unit
Built in massive steel, with anti-corrosive treatment, coated with high impact polyestherene.

With light generated by semiconductors device (LED)

Holders Frontal, Central

Lateral panel with:
Master key
Pressure Gauge

Translucent Reservoir for:
1- Water of the handpieces
2- Bio-system


Dental Light

LED Plus Dental Light 3 LEDs

-Dimension of the focus: square of 100x100 mm (at the distance of 70 cm).

-Power consumption: the Dental Light LED Plus has a system of illumination developed through a completely innovating concept which ensures an excellent performance with extremely low power consumption, in the range of 0,018kW/h (220 V).

-Power: 12.000 thru 20.000 LUX

-Durability of the LEDs: life-time exceeding 50.000 hours.

-Temperature of light color: 5.500 k -This dental light uses the technology Luxeon LED of Philips Lumileds

Water Unit

Syncrus PE 2T Water Unit

1 Air Saliva suctor (Venturi System)
1 Ejector for vaccum pump connection terminal

Venturi Suction Hose with quick connection and debris filter

plain, rounded, light and flexible, without riflings or grooves

Edge support
With single pneumatic activation

In ice color, with anticorrosive treatment

With incorporated water filter

In stainless steel and possible to sterilize with autoclave

Water release regulating system for:
1 - Cup-Holder
2 - Bowl

- Deep
- Detachable
- With drain for solid retention

Suitable location for better spitting position
Horizontal movements of 90º

1 Bowl water (Programmable)
2 Cup-Holder water (programmable)


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